L'ECKLECT® Conversation: The Anti Mom Blog Mom Blog

I will admit that a mom blog has got to be one of the most annoying things that people ever think of creating, not to say moms are not awesome for proudly being moms and scribbling about it all over the Internet but it can honestly get annoying. And who would have ever thought I would have to write a mom blog, I would have kicked someone's foot so hard it would fall off if ever they even hinted I would be in a place to write a mom blog one day but now I am a mom...well, technically speaking. I am obliged to write a mom blog and the mom blog I have decided to put together is for making a total mockery of all other mom blogs and attract super spam of hate mail. Yay me! But really, mom blogs suck. And why I say this...

1. Roberta, Kelly, Cecile...stop posting your children's names on the Internet. These minors are entitled to privacy until they are like 16.

2. Baby pics are cute but stop trying to live your miserable little lives through your children, they have their whole lives ahead and they certainly don't want people having set them a high celebrity status on the net because of what you did to them without their consent. And you will not become famous because your baby is famous, the baby is famous...not you. Now, get over yourself!

3. You are not under pressure to be a perfect mom in the eyes of people because you over share stuff, stop over sharing stuff! Easy.

4. Nobody wants to listen to your whining about how you got over post natal depression (which in most cases is an exaggerated speculation just to get more hits, pity hits are gross!) and all these other things that other people but your mom or best friend or great aunt should hear about. Really. You are annoying.

5. Stop dressing babies like grown ups! This is probably more directed at Kim Kardashian and Chris Brown though. Let cute little souls be free in little fleece sweaters and booties.

6. Being a mom blogger does not qualify you as some life coach or some parenting professional so lay off imposing your parenting methods on other people. There is no parenting style that works for everyone so let people make their own mistakes and let them master their own tailored parenting methods without you making them feel under all this pressure. You all are annoying! Ugh! (throws stones)

7. Your personal style should never feature on your child's hairstyle, stop getting matching hairstyles with kids just to get "cute" selfies. That is not okay!

Hi, I am a mom that hates mom blogs. I foresee that I am going to dress plenty inappropriately as a parent. But that is okay. I guess with this blog up I now have a lot of mom Monday Club bans so will not be getting any invites to mom Monday afternoon. What a shame, I really need a gossipy pick me up in my life. Oh well, that gives me more time to spend with my kid. Yay you, mommy loves you! (Ew, that was so mom blog of me)


  1. �������� #5 is so true


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