L'ECKLECT® Travel: When Discovering America - Parque Pali Aike, Patagonia Chileno, Chile

I don't think I would be happier in another region of Chile than I am to be in Magallanes. I don't know what it is about this place that makes it such a marvel, the idea that something so beige (because believe me, there is a lot of beige) could possess so much magic. I have taken about 6 tours all coutesy of wonderful host family and I think that there isn't one where I didn't not experience some new level of euphoria and viewing plaesure. And goodness me, Chilenos are such warm affectionate people. You could meet strangers in your tour bus and the first thing they do is offer you food. "This is how we show our love, we love in the form of food." says one of my friends proudly. The outdoors are just simply addictive, I now fully understand people from this region who say they have never left. I wouldn't go anywhere if I was them. I would stay right here.

The trip to Pali Aike was a bit long, maybe that or I was feeling a little run down that morning. I probably slept the whole way until the park, nothing to complain about however because this was the same road I had travelled once in a failed attemt to get to Argentina. I normally go blank on tours, like, knowing very little about the place because it is nice to get surprised with new information. It gives the whole experience such weight, like the information here and the actual image right there. Pali-Aike is a Tehuelche (local native group) name that means Desolate Place and it covers an area of 50 km2 and includes part of the Pali-Aike Volcanic Field. The park draws its name from a prominent volcanic cone known as the Pali Aike Crater. Human crania from early prehistoric occupation have been recovered from this Pali Aike Crater site. On the same park there is this wonderful sparkly lagoon with flamingoes...I was frozen at that. It was really breathtaking. Pali Aike is also plenty open spaces, it reminds me a lot of home in the Kgalagadi even though it isn't quite desert but the feel was similar.


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