L'ECKLECT® Travel: When Discovering America - Torres del Paine, Patagonia Chilena, Chile

I know that everyone has been to a place, at least once in their life, that has made them feel like its beauty was exaggerated or that this was not real, that you were floating inside some very twisted fraction of your imagination. For me, The Torres del Paine was that experience. I went on this tour with a party of 13, people from other parts of Chile and one fine young man from neighbouring Argentina (bless him and his bright smile and curly hair, unfortunately we could not be together because of a language barrier. Lol). I had to wake very early for the trip because the distance between the park and the city where I live is a bit much, something like 4 hours if not more. It was such a beautiful day out, like something I have not experienced since my entire stay in Chile.We arrived at the park and did all the necessary documentation, and me being all super excited about using my Chilean ID card was first in line at the Park Registration point. I really could not help myself. And then as soon as we drove inside the park I started to feel like I was zoning out at the marvels of the world that Patagonia habours. Luckily my automatic camera funtionability was active during my times of absent mindedness and feels of perhaps experiencing Nirvana. I would like to allow the following photographs, which are also such a dim representation of the entire thing, to explain just a bit how great the Universe is.


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