L'ECKLECT® Ed's Note: Creative Blocks

Dear Reader,

I have, as most have already noticed, been away from contributing to this blog as much as I should. I don't even have reasons that I can give to myself so that is when I realised the issue has gone a little over. I have tried to justify it, "Growing pains.", "I work three jobs", "My priorities are changing","I have a block." and especially the latter. That must have been the most abused reason for why I have not been blogging. To be completely honest this is a long trail of excuses that I know deep down that they will not work, not for me and certainly not for the growth of this blog. Change is upon us people! :)

Over the last couple of years I have come out of myself and back into myself and continuing this process as I try to become the best person I can be to the best of my ability. I am a creative and that is where my passion lies. I have a spiritual attraction to visual aesthetic and I want to contribute to it in different forms, photography, paint, and so what have you but I have been normed to also believe that the intellectual side of my life will always be the one to carry weight over the former. I have been torn between this but I am continuously working strategically against creating the perfect balance between the two and discovering ways in which I can make both work. As a psychology bachelor holder I know I am still very far from my confortable career space and I wish to continue with it up until perhaps PHD level but I will not agree to be those academics who want to be overruled by their studies that they get almost nothing else out of life. I have put much thought into this, I think that I overthink it sometimes but that's okay. Everybody needs to figure out their lives sometimes. I need to do what I need to do in my specific situation of being a psychology scholar and a visual creative.

I am putting this out here as a commitment to the blog and to all the important aspects of my life in check. There is absolutely no person who will go out of their way to commit to putting my life in check like I can. I have to be the exception in this equation of creative versus intellectual because I would rather be a creallectual just so I can continue to sustain some "joie de vivre" out of life. I have been going through a block in my creative space but maybe just a bit of a transition that needs time to think about so to figure out the entire direction of everything.

PS: I am 10 days away from serving at my first volunteership abroad, I can hardly contain myself!

Love and light,



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