L'ECKLECT® Campaign: Let's Go Chile 2016 - Volunteer for EODP

The original plan of this article was so to highlight mainly the benefits of international volunteerism but seeing that this sort of experience is one that is rather rare for people coming from developing (I dislike using the word third world country because it puts countries on unrealistic ranks which really do not mean anything) I chose to go a different route about it. I remember applying for this program and thinking wow, I am so lucky to be a close to native English speaker. The luck I speak of is the fact that in places like most parts of South America there’s only so much English spoken, and for some of us English is like all we know. I thought the exchange between myself and my students in Chile ought to be uplifting and exciting.

The day I got accepted I could hardly sit still, I was filled completely with Euphoria. Now, being at this place where I know I am an eligible participant to helping spread knowledge of the English language you would think all else would be smooth sailing from there. Oh, there’s a twist! I am from Botswana, I am proud of it, I hold a Bachelor’s degree and I can teach anybody English because not only have I gone through and 18 year strict English education system but I have also grown to love it. I read books for fun, I write some fictional material sometimes and I have practically spent about 80% of my life speaking English. Traditionally, or rather, I would say as per insisted by norm. Offering aid cannot come from developing countries, no matter how stable the economy of the state you hail from, not mattering even if your parents are worth millions of foreign investments, not mattering how many good schools you’ve been through. I asked myself the question; Why? Why in this global community where everything has become so much easier for human beings to utilise their human capital to their level best are we still (as Africans, Asians, South Americans) shying away from participating in courses that benefit both ourselves and the greater global community.

As a citizen of the world I wish to be part of this campaign – single handedly with high hopes that more of us take part in international volunteerism because showing humanity truly comes from offering a hand to those in similar situations and to say, my problems can wait. I have a plan as to go about them. My word of encouragement would be to take up any opportunity to engage your mind with a whole different culture out of that of your own, the best way to do that in by travel but travel is too person and rather selfish so participating in anything like this will help you grow so much.

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About EODP

The EODP is in conjunction with the Chilean Ministry of Education and supported by the UNDP.


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