L'ECKLECT® Travel: When Discovering Africa - Maun, Botswana

 I would like to explain firstly how embarrased I felt when I got to Maun, because; 1. I have been invited countless times to Maun (with more than willing hosts and tour guides) and have been putting it of because I asserted...been there and done that and 2. I thought I would never be able to afford it as an adult now responsible for paying for their own fees. Let me tell you something about the magical set-up of this place; not only can you afford it with your shoestring traveller budget but it is also breath-taking from the white sands that I would've swon a sea-shore used to exist there, to the astonishing sunset, the breeze of a lifetime's stresses and humble humans everywhere. I will not even lie, Maun is a tourist town that only makes you feel like you're a part of this one giant family, the people are friendly and hilarious and entertainging and impressingly well-informed about the wild-life. There isn't a single thing I could trade for my stay at this haven of magic. Nothing!

And yes, yes, we're the lokals!

Things to do as a shoestring traveller;
1. Camping
2. Boat cruises
3. Mokoro rides (highly recommended)
4. Bird watching
5. Fishing
6. Clubbing ( the club scene is actually quite nice!)
7. Swimming
8. Visit the Crocodile Farms
9. Taking walks
10. Fooding (absolutely!)

Love and light



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