L'ECKLECT® Travel: When Discovering Africa - Cape Town, South Africa

On our 2013 hiplist Cape Town was listed among the must see places of Africa, at that time the obession with this city was only minor. The city crush grew substantially in October of 2015 when we took transit there for attending the Seed Experiences' Rocking The Daisies in Darling (which is also a magnificent little piece of heaven in the Western Cape). Cape Town at the edge of South Africa is a golden capital for tourism, culture and lifestyle. Its shores decorated magnificently with both local and international restaurants, fancy hosting homes and hotels and standing greatly as the epitome of Rainbow Nation South Africa. My trip was a 7 day stay at a quiet little neighbourhood and the edge of Table Mountain called Mowbray, peaceful little community with its semi-traditional community structure and populated mostly by the University of Cape Town student community. This trip was a cure for my wanderlustrous self and a genuine breath of fresh air. In a perfect world, I would be living in Cape Town to be honest.

Cool activities to do in Cape Town;
1. Scuba Diving
2. Shark hunting
3. Going to the beach
4. Hiking
5. Cable Cars
6. Clubbing
7. Cycling
8. Surfing
9. Fooding
10. Taking walks

So here, some snaps from the stay in sunny sunny Cape Town.

Love and light



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