L'ECKLECT® Culture: The Jameson Vic Falls Carnival

On the last week of our 21 days #TravelAfrica we were blessed to join the Zim African skies in the Vic Falls Carnival which not only was quite the affair but was also a major contributor in uniting Africans from all its different corners. On the first day we had a massive jol on a party train that was taking us to a secret wild location and we partied the night away, on the next day we had a lounge sun-filled day, mellow spirited and cool and ended the day in the grandest dance floor I'd ever seen. The last and most eventful day was the NYE party/festival...I, for a minute was lost for words upon arrival. I had a minute the catch my breath and celebrated beautifully into the new year. One Africa in rhythm and dance! Here is exactly what it looked like.

Love and light



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