L'ECKLECT® Style: Style Essentials with Mamiie

Meet on our style panel for this week, Mamello Seisa giving us S/S 2015 style essential tips. Creative Mamiie demonstrates her style flexiblity firstly by using the same pieces; 1. Bodysuit worn as top, 2. Shoes worn in two completely differing looks. 

Her choices were also inspired by; "I picked the skirt because it something every lady (or teen ) should own and it complements my long lean body and the color, pastel green is on trend at the moment. You can get this skirt at Woolworths . I really love the shoes because they complement he color of the skirt a lot , Flatforms are one of those trends that come and go. They were there in the 70's(which are making a come back) and the 90's and now there back , They are those shoes you'll wear and store then wear and store, You can get them at Foschini. The frayed jean jacket should be a style essential for every female (and male for that matter) on his planet, eihether in summer or winter, This particular one was purchased from Edgars and you can get one anywhere else really, and especially from thrift stores. Finally the (of so comfortable, oh so flexible) peasant jump suit is comfortable and light ideal for Botswana's hot weather, this was a hand me down from my mother."

Ed's Note
The way Mamello's effortless style captivated us at the photoshoot we were enthusiastic about working further into the rest of the year. The fact that she is young and highly stylish and knows how to recycle looks makes her just the right fit for our panel. Looking forward to seeing more of her style.

Photographed by Ed
Styled by: Mamello Seisa


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