L'ECKLECT® Culture: #RTD2015

I have been meaning to attend a festival of such high magnitudes but there just seems to be happening whenever I get a chance to do that. With Daisies I had sworn on Great-gran Susan that if I missed this concert I would leave this blogger life and go pursue being a shrink in the University. I honestly don't know what I would be doing with my life, really. The dramas leading up to this event were actually just shocking but I stayed strong, I really want to stay a blogger. Still have so much to do here. Duh?! A personal count of this event was that it was overwhelmingly amazing in a way that makes me twitch each time I pull out memories from that weekend. I firstly met this lovely young lady who was working with the #RTD gate crew, oh Angelique, such an angel. The drinks were nicely people, the people were super friendly and the concert places were the most electric Universe! 

Here, here. Visuals of an awesome weekend! 

Photographed by Editor

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