L'ECKLECT® Culture: Print Swim (Splash Into Africa)//Private Show

In this past weekend we were blessed with a private show for a swimwear line born and raised here in Botswana going under the name Print Swim by the lovely Ayanda Modisane. Not a lot of us in our landlocked spaces hardly know what to expect with regards to anything to do with aqua sporting activities. This line brought to us the highest of standards, especially considering most of us have never been at a swimwear line opening. The set-up was completely heartening and the show was a major blaze. What I would commend about it is that they used your typical African woman, which was something differerent in the most pleasant of sense. Certainly looking forward to tracking this line.

Here, Print Swim (Splash Into Africa)

Photographed by Editor

Print Swim designer, Ayanda Modisane


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