L'ECKLECT® Travel: Trek of The Great West

I wouldn't say I do have particularly special gifts, perhaps a countable few but topping those is being able to swiftly go with the wind, and especially lately. Drifting from one place to another is an absolute joy in my life, I live for it. I wouldn't even trade it for anything, not for a fancy new pair of pants, not for a new electronic gadget and certainly not for a Maseratti (okay maybe that's a bit extreme). I have not really taken myself serious enough to be by myself to know exactly what it is I am about. I completed my degree in April and decided I want a gap year from binding contracts and school programs and projects so I can get away when I want and so far for my personal growth it's doing wonders. I'm discovering forms of happiness that I always just read about in books. This place is surely my happy place.

Photographs taken in different parts of South Africa (Hartbeerspoort, Johannesburg, Zeerust)


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