L'ECKLECT® Ed's Note: Eco-consciousness//"All my friends are turning green" -Vance Joy

Hello reader,

Lately there's been a considerable amount of work we (ie, myself and all those humble assistants, models and companies that have agreed to support our cause) have put together towards having a lifelong eco-conscious campaign running under the name L'ECOLECT® which simply means, "one who is eclectic and is also eco-friendly if not eco-conscious". Part of the reason why I have decided to raise awareness, especially having been raised in a culture that simply does not care about the environment, is that there isn't enough being done to ensure that the planet is happy.

I always hear all these conversations about peace keeping this, peace keeping that but to be honest all this will not mean anything to anyone of us if the planet isn't well. I am for peace with planet earth and we can then move our way up to the other areas of our lives that need to be taken care of. I know it always seems like so much admin to do good, trust me, I totally relate. I will also say that it takes absolutely nothing to do good. Growing up means being able to take responsibility for the things that  concern you the most. I have chosen this path because I like positive rebellion, stray away from norm...but in a good way. I know everyone will agree with me on this littering problem in our country being caused mainly by this "it's not my responsibility" mentality which of course is fed by little lies like, "each time I litter it contributes to someone's pay-check". This will never be true no matter how many times you say it, in fact this sort of thing is the very thing people in our country don't have jobs since it wastes away tax-payer's resources. Where they become misplaced. Instead of having funds be put forth to things that might actually mean something like education, more money is being spent on waste management and cleaning campaigns which also wastes our precious time, not only as a country but as Africa...this isn't taking us anywhere. Now enough with the politics. Let's get back to business.

L'ECKLECT® is declaring this half of the year the green half of the year and of course I will literally force everyone of my friend-list to be part becuase it's true what's said about having people passively partake in causes that might not mean much to them might eventually show them how beneficial that cause might be for them. For my birthday I want everyone who cares about me to buy me a plant that I'll take care of. In my new home that'll be the most amazing thing...I haven't yet a television set or a computer that's smart enough to have entertaining downloads on it. All I'll be having for entertainment is my books and this new family of plants. This is it for kick-starting positive conversations. Normally it starts off with something just as small as this and it grows as you go along with it.

Biggest moves in hugging the planet
1. I have started a compost heap since the start of this year, six months old and all set to help my new plants grow
2. I am halfward into the savings for my bicycle, which will be my main means of transport around the city.
3. I am parttaking in the eco-activities at this year's Rocking The Daisies, that I'm super hyped about. I'll be Walking the Daisies, and that is... "Walking the Daisies started in 2008 when botanist Greg Nicolson returned from a 28 day, 700km hike from Namibia to Cape Town to research endangered wildflower species along the N7 road reserve. He then decided to trek back up the coast with a friend to Rocking the Daisies.

We saw the value in his endeavor and partnered with Greg to initiate an awareness-raising campaign for the environment. Rocking the Daisies and their partner brands rallied to support this initiative, and an annually celebrated adventure was born.

Rocking the Daisies developed the initiative into a group experience and Walking the Daisies grew to 20 walkers in 2009, 50 in 2010, 100 in 2011 and 2012 and 200 in 2013. It is now a widely acclaimed event that supplements the festival’s aims to create and promote positive environmental action, make friends and get a vibe going before you even arrive at the festival gates.

Furthermore, partnering with WWF-SA, City Conservation and the Dassenberg Coastal Catchment Partnership (DCCP), the Cape West Biosphere Reserve Trails (CWBC), amongst other notable environmental organizations enhances our environmental leadership campaign.

As our aim is to “walk the talk” of environmental action, thus we have included “give back” activities that benefit the environment and communities we pass through – such as our Ocean Minded Beach Cleanup & Greenpop tree-planting initiatives."

Let's Go Green Guys!


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