L'ECKLECT® Campaign: L'ECOLECT® Photo//Naledi Letsididi

I think that most of us have been seeing on my other blogs (Tumblr, Insta, Facebook and Twitter) that I have been advocating for green peace. I have always wanted to have a very bio-balanced home and in a few weeks/days time I'll be able to start making sure to live that way. When people ask me why I think I'm a good person I always respond with that I recycle, take trash responsility and care the most for the environment. Being this kind of person I took it upon myself to create a sort of lookbook to help promote ecological resposibility and green peace. I have spoken to several women who have agreed to participate in this campaign and will be posting a new look every 3 weeks.

We should do it because it's a good thing (both for ourselves and other living beings) to participate in.

Activities Promoting Ecological Responsibility
  • Recycling (inclusive of composity, reusing et.al)
  • Plant care
  • Forest/Woodland Conservation
  • Lowering Carbon Emissions (Cycle instead of drive/Use fresh flower scents instead of processed)
"The institutions of our society co-arise with us. They are not independent structures separate from our inner lives, like some backdrop to our personal dramas. Nor are they merely projections of our own minds. As collective forms of our ignorance, fears and greed, they acquire their own momentum, enlist our massive obedience, and depend on our collective consent."


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