L'ECKLECT® Lifestyle: Food (lately.)

I think this whole time I was really under some terrible illusion that I make bad food (I have my family to blame for the most part), since I've started cooking as though I'm on Master-Chef I've come to shock even myself. I make some tasteful things, even if I have to say so myself. I have no recipe book by the way, just watched Lorraine Pascale and Jamie Olive a few times and make what I can with what I find in mum's kitchen or when I pass by the Woolies by the house I pick up something...magic right?!

Happy feasting your eyes!


Photographed by Editor

Butter Toasties + Lattice Salad + Grilled Sweet Chilli Chicken

Panino Salad (Dressed in Parsley and Pineapple Juice)

Baked Potato + Veggie Salad + Shallow Fried Brinjal + Parboiled Rice + Vinegar Dressed Coleslaw

Regina Pizza (at Bull & Bush)

Steak + Steamed Greens + Brown Onion Soup


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