L'ECKLECT® Culture: MBJFW//Grapevine A/W '15

Why these are being posted so late in the year? Well, I was still hoping to sell, being a freelance photographer is impossible in developing countries. I had a great price for these but apparently business isn't booming in my side of the world. Then I figured my readers probably deserve these more than most media houses anyway, you know, since they're loyal... 

This was my absolute favorite collection from Jo'burg Fashion Week. I'm a closet classy dame, so anything this feminine really is pleasing to my eye. If I was a buyer I would've cleared this collection's rails. I was utterly blown away, and the way the models had such energy on the run way...officially sold!What I also really like about this collection is that they have such warm basic colors which aren't only perfect for this season but can be extended out into the next season. I now officially make the fan club for Grapevine, next season I am definitely attending their show, really am itching to know what they have in store actually.

Collection: Grapevine A/W 2015
Show: Mercedes Benz Jo'burg Fashion Week
Shot in: Melrose Arch//Johannesburg South Africa

Photographed by Editor



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