L'ECKLECT® Collaborations: Vintage Kollective x Yellow (Coldplay) | Exclusive Interview

I know some people have been side talking about me always using the same people on my blog but I'm certainly not going to bulge when it comes to these girls. I absolutely and fully adore Vintage Kollective. Who is Vintage Kollective? It's a duo of super stylish young women who are stylists and are also in thrift retail. I first started working with these ladies early this year and since that time I've fallen into what now seems like an obsession (could be, but who could blame me lol). They invited me to come shoot them for a lookbook they're creating towards their business, just to show off how great taste they have. I will be working with these ladies all through the year, I certainly do hope you can stop by their blogs and check out some of their other things.

Vintage Kollective consists of Nollie Ngwira (who recently did an office diary for us) and Tshepo Kutjwe; both based in Gaborone and working their way up generally new markets of thrift retail and vintage styling. In their 20s Nollie and Tshepo are actively partaking in Botswana's fashion industry and forever leaving an impression without fail. Other than myself they have worked with several other photographers as part of self-marketing, which works as a great tool so far. Hopefully soon they'll be putting together lookbooks that I just might be getting exclusive publishing rights to. Meet Nollie and Tshepo...Vintage Kollective!

Photographed by Editor

1. Who are you guys and what is it you do?

1.Vintage Kollective is a fashion duo inspired by all things old, be it paintings, cars, buildings and clothing. We work as stylists and fashion contributors in the Botswana fashion industry.

2. Why did you choose the name you went with for the business?

We chose the name Vintage Kollective because it defines who we are. A collective means 2 or more so we came together and became a collective after we realized how much we share a love for vintage inspired clothes and art in general.

3.Important Style Tips
  • Black and white is essential in one's wardrobe because life is black and white after all.
  • Dont go for anything basic and remember that bright is better.
  • Invest in lightweight coats which are best worn draped over the shoulders.

4. What do you think of fashion growth in Botswana?

Fashion in Botswana is growing because we see a lot of streetstyle photographers and bloggers emerging and being given the recognition they deserve. Collaborations between fashion designers/brands and bloggers are happening which we believe is a good thing because it shows growth!

5.What are some of the achievements and challenges in your line of work and how have you overcome the latter?

Our main achievement was taking the first step and deciding to become 'one' because we believe that working as a pair is better than working by yourself. This is followed by the Pop Up that we hosted just recently.

Challenges can either break you or make you.We choose to learn and emerge better after a challenge.but one of our biggest challenge is time because we are not available 24/7.

6.Any good advice for anyone interested in getting into the line of work you do?

If you want to work in the fashion industry come prepared! Do it because you love it and want to contribute to the industry!

Forget fame and all. If you work hard it will pay off in the end..


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