L'ECKLECT® Collaborations: Tumalano x Lorraine Kinnear Photographs | Dark Paradise

I recently got together with an old friend who now works for this amazing make-up and beauty house around town. All she really wanted to do was test how well her art directing skills were, how it went, I would've sworn she's been at it since forever. We put together a team of fun young people who made all this so amazing! The session went so well that I knew I had to steal some shots to share with the rest of the world. I don't want to distort the art direction by trying to explain what I made of it, it's art so let me let it up to everyone to make whatever they please of it. All I can say though is that it blew my mind!

Location: Phase 4 Residential
Models: Loretta S., Keaboka M., Lorato S., Michael S
Assisted by: Modisa
Make-up: Tumalano S., Natalie S.

Photographed by Editor


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