L'ECKLECT® Style: Street Style//Fashion Extravaganza

There's always something to celebrate in Botswana lately. This weekend we stepped out to the Fashion Extravaganza courtesy of the designer duo who go by the name Ali-Tess, made of Alice and Theresa who brought down the house. We will organize some frames for this line to exhibit here probably next week and probably an interview too. But back to the show. The show went smooth and what made it great was the street style. I don't know, maybe I used to look in the wrong places but Batswana actually pay much attention to detail when it comes to how they look. There's this special movement in the, with a little bit of uniqueness here, a touch of Botswana culture there. It really is intriguing to look at. Even if you're one who doesn't care about dressing up you have a certain level of pressure to make at least an attempt. This is how I mean. Enjoy!



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