L'ECKLECT® Series: Monochrome x Peggy G.

The monochrome series exists essentially to explore the different power players in Botswana's fashion industry. It is a collaboration between L'ECKLECT and 12 different fashion power players from sub-industries of Fashion Photography, Fashion Modelling, Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, this not putting restrictions but merely mentioning a few.

This month we work with a young lady model, Peggy Grynberg, she is a model who won the second cycle of Gemstones Model Search in 2012, and currently the face of Walk About Model Search. A fierce young lady who also kick started her modeling career at a young age is both well experienced and well traveled, having visited Fashion capitals like Milan and New York. In the future she hopes to start something to assist younger models to know all they must about the industry to be able to get in and stay in. I say she is doing absolutely amazing things.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you...Peggy Grynberg!

Photographed by Editor


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