L'ECKLECT® Editorial: Blue Monday x Casey P.

Good day,

This was going to be a dull blue Monday and then Casey happened. I will be honest the day started out so bleeg...I was even certain these shots wouldn't come out so great but hey amazing things happen when you roll with this lovely lady!

Theme: Blue Monday
What is this blue Monday you speak of? Blue Monday is supposed to, as tradition would insist, be a dull, drab day but this is what me and ma lady wanted to change. Monday is blue and blue is bright, bright anything is always supposed to be happy. We had  a blue Monday and what this meant was that we kick started the week in awesome style and much heightened character. High five to that!

Who is Casey?
Casey Purshouse is one of Botswana's most wanted models, only 16 and all about working all the way to the top. Quirky, cute and a bit thuggish. (lol)

Hope you all have a happy week!


Photographed by Editor


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