L'ECKLECT® Conversations: Félicitations! #mbjfw

Hello, hi!

So, it turns out I will be taking part at the Mercedes Benz Johannesburg Fashion week this year. This has to be one of those things that we all sort of wait for in our 20s if we ought to get involved in such things as Culture or Photography or Fashion. Growth on this blog hasn't been the greatest but arriving at being invited to Fashion Week has to be a major highlight. I remember as I was putting up my application I had very low hopes, and I won't even lie about it. This email was read at 2 am. I didn't even take time to read the rest of it. The minute I saw the word "approved" I went haywire, jumping around for joy. I'm a blogger, it's only natural that I'll be sitting front row. Goody! So this blog around this time next week will be crawling with photographs from the event. I have picked only the finest looks. There is no under-dressing when it's Fashion Week after all. We have to go all out. This is the time of our lives! Merci beaucoup Universe!



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