L'ECKLECT® Style: Noir x Thembie M.

Model: Thembie Simba Moesi

Wearing: Hat by Jennyfer, Top by Poetry, Skirt DIY by Editor, Shoes from Legit, Socks by Model

Shot in: Riverwalk Woods

Assisted by: Kushatha Moesi

Styled and Photographed by Editor

The Story
This is an in betweener of the monochrome series that's monochrome but not so much, I've worked with this amazing young woman to start the in-betweener. We did an all black shoot to be called noir and we'll we presenting the other half next month on the all white contrasting with this one. The main purpose of these things is to demostrate hugely the importance of simplicity, especially in colour and the whole monochrome/black and white will the the consistent theme throughout this year. I hope you all enjoy this!



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