L'ECKLECT® Conversations: Peace Mantra : OM SHANTI OM

I was going to wait until I started having children to start giving out self mastery advice but I realise it might take longer than I thought. In the time being my children can be those who are willing to heed the message. I must also mention that my practices and advice are in no way being forced unto anyone, advice is advice...one is free to take it and leave it as they may please. The story of my path on self-mastery started in my early years of University when I often found myself struggling with things like depression, and extreme fear of dying...just things that slowed my growth so much. I was raised Catholic, I always depended on confessing my sins and going to Church as a form of keeping myself in order and then there was a point when it just all seized to work. I was at my lowest. I didn't eat, I didn't want to see people, started skipping classes, had the biggest temper in the world. Somewhere amidst all that chaos I started to see a path towards a good light I could follow. 

Strange things just started to happen (in a good way), as in "when the monk is ready, the master appears". The light appeared where I was not even looking. I became less dependent on excuses and blaming other people for how unwell my life had become. I was generally more grateful about things and became especially in control of my life. The right books flew right into my life and I was like a sponge for information pertaining to this great new path. And I know when it all started I always felt the need to tell off why I was doing it (especially to Christians). The foundations of my bringing up lie on Christianity, it has taught me a great deal...but it's like now it doesn't make me feel anything. I've become much closer to God now that I'm here where I can put my thoughts in order. I could guess that it's the problem of the introverted child, I honestly just respect communal practises very little. Human beings have very private thoughts...so praise and finding God should be so too (never being insistent though). I believe in the Universe posing as a higher power for every religion known to man, and we took many years to call that higher power by many names. I don't know if this even makes sense but the thought puts me in harmony. And I believe every religion can offer closeness to the Universe...the process is called differently in different regions. 

I am going to say don't limit your mind to things created by man, what makes you feel lit inside is what you have to do. No fretting, no second guessing. I use Buddhist/Hindi mantras a lot in my dark days and it works. But I also do stand before Mother Mary sometimes to remind myself of my good past that led me to my even mellower present. I go there to say thank you. The below video is a video I found when I was looking for strength on a blue day, and just like that it turned bright shades of orange. Being a psychology major that believes highly in conquering anxiety/depression disorders I would highly recommend it against such kind of disorders. It might not work for everyone but that feel of serenity should help with something.



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