L'ECKLECT® Series: Monochrome x Casey Purshouse


2015 is a special year, I'll be giving away $1 notes to anyone who begs to differ (ie with a sound argument). This year is a year to start that business you've been meaning to get at, to start exhibiting your art, to go bungee jumping, to travel, to make money...whatever you really want. As for our team (mostly made up of one person, several personalities), what we'd really like is to take Botswana to the people. Doing this through art, words, collaborations, campaigns...for Botswana and Africa. 

What is Monochrome Photo Series?

The monochrome series was mainly inspired by a photoshoot by Steven Meisel that aired on Fashion TV late in December last year. Drawing inspiration from great people can make work seem unoriginal sometimes but it takes a great level of understanding of the nature of the art and wide opened thinking around one's own ideas to be able to revolutionize the work of people who came before us. When you think monochrome, I know a lot of people tend to just thing a dull infusion of black and white and we actually though beyond this. We thought, strip down the pieces of this idea. We thought black and white, darkness and light...and ying and yang and with this we styled a shoot with a beautiful young woman to create a most lustrous presentation. It turned out so great that we even decided to turn this into something that will run for about 6 months working side to side with some of Botswana's most hard working individuals. I certainly do hope you will enjoy this.


Name: Casey Purshouse
Shot in: Mowana Park (Phakalane)
Styled, Make-up and Photographed by Editor


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