L'ECKLECT® Culture: Blogs by The Afrolutionist (Exclusive Interview)

I cannot express the amount of gratitude I owe toward people who dedicate their lives to bettering the lives of Africans, especially if it's something of a peaceful revolution. Recently I discovered this great new blog called The Afrolutionist. I discovered The Afrolutionist from a business associate who appraised it so highly that I bulged my table manners and took out my mobile phone and checked out what it was all about (all this was during a very serious meeting by the way). I browsed through the entire blog, and it is really well put. The voice of African people all cultured and poised lain diligently in the most captivating manner. And the fact that it talks about real issues will have you drawn even more. It would be great if you saw it yourself, and prepare yourself for some serious mental stimulation. Just in case I tend to overexaggerate, do visit the blog to see what I'm talking about

I felt personally responsible on reporting the start of something great for Africa. We had a small conversation and here's what The Afrolutionist had to say.

1. Give us a brief background about this movement, that is, The Afrolutionist (how and when it started and who by)

The Afrolutionist is a concept that was birthed by myself, Boitshepo Motsamai, based on creating a platform where African Development in the socio-political, socio-economic, environmental and arts & culture sectors could be discussed positively, altering the negative perspective anyone with African heritage and those without had about the continent.

The Afrolutionist is more of a brand of creating 1. An African Solution, 2. An African Revolution (more of a double entendre meaning to 'phrase' Afrolutionist)  and is currently speaking to masses in the form of a blog. The blog has been up and running since the last day of September 2014.

2. What is the blog's main inspiration? 

The blog was mainly inspired by a gap I saw in discussions of African Development in the youth, also that 'Afrolutionists' (people who are making a positive impact) are not being celebrated enough in our continent. So instead of ranting about how not enough big media outlets are focusing on the positives in my home, I decided to take up the task of creating one.

3. What responses are you getting so far about the blog's content (in terms of regional support) 

Ironically, ironically when the blog began, I recieved more feedback from outside Africa than within. Particularly USA and UK, however, this may be largely due to the fact that on a wordpress domain, these countries harbour a large following in the blogosphere. But as the blog grew, more people from around the world were responding well to the blog. I have had various people from different regions globally show appreciation to the page mainly through inboxes to our facebook page of through the contact form on the page, which resonates positively that there is a market for such discussions. :)

4. How many people are in on this movement, as we'd like to call it?

Currently I have 3 contributors, Tigele Nlebesi as a guest contributor who gives opinion on social and socio-political trends, Gomolemo Motsamai (Ghost) who gives artistic relief in the blog through poetry and short stories, and Jack Moshi (Afrollenial) who provides commentary on African music (yes, all genres) through reviews and event coverage.

I have partnered with a few companies to build The Afrolutionist further. Namely; Shop 360  who became a pivotal role in my social media presence, BM Photography who have amazingly aided in our photojournalism area and EI Supanova Creations that recently covers or image and branding.

5. How far do you wish that this takes us as a region?

As Africa, my goal is to alter the language in which we speak when we talk about Africa - This does not mean I want us to be mum on issues of corruption, inequality and poverty, my goal is to breathe life of hopefulness and constructing a developmental thought process when we speak of these issues, instead of promoting banter and hopelessness.

6. What are the principle objectives of the blog and its contributors?

As I stated previously, the aim of The Afrolutionist brand is to promote African Development across sectors of socio-economy, social, political, the geographical environment and arts and culture. My contributors (who focus on content) provide their input in their respective  expertise to satisfy the core mandate.

7. What are your current ratings (analytics reports, Facebook feed), and is there satisfactory growth?

Interestingly enough, the numbers have grew exponentially on the blog site. In my first month, I only had 189 views (the entire 30 days! Can you imagine realness of the struggle?! I really wanted to call it a day) but then I focused more on writing as if I was the consumer. Today I have a Facebook post reach of over 4000 users daily (even with my modest Facebook presence) and over 40 country visitors worldwide including distant locations such as Kazakhstan. Trinidad and Tobago, Burkina Faso and even Sweden. Although these numbers are good, they aren't great. Personally I don't think I'll be satisfied, with a business in all sectors of the life cycle, there is room for growth

8. What social impact is the blog creating, thus far?

Inherently the aim of my blog plays a role through awareness, however and The Afrolutionist continues to grow and expand out of the blogosphere and into various platforms we will be playing more of hands-on societal role in the very near future. Of course this will be once our ducks are in a row but details will be availed to the public very soon.

9. Give us a 3 word description of the blog

10. Any kind words you'd like to leave Africa by?

Africa, there's hope and it lies within you. We all have that fire to create a positive impact. It can be through political leadership, businesses, sport, poetry, singing, or even writing. There is power to create an impact, big or small. It all depends on your mentality, remember that your thought process is the fuel that drives your passion.


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