L'ECKLECT® Conversation: Au Revoir//Muse Naledi

In the past year I worked closely with a lovely lady, Naledi Letsididi and we've had some great times. She was, I don't know if you have noticed, the face of L'ECKLECT® and my photography in general. She's all sorts of gorgeous, physical and spiritual. If I was those insisted on calling relatioships by pushy names I'd say she's my best friend. She's so amazing. You can visit the portfolio for the work we've put on together. We will keep working together, only not as much as last year. She'll continue to be a special part of my life and for that I'll forever be grateful. We're working on a muse grand exit piece that should blow your minds away, do keep checking.

I owe her a  Z card!

Photographed by Editor (but last, taken by Shaira D.)


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