L'ECKLECT® Style: Apparel by Vintage Zionist



Vintage Zionist//The Rebirth of Apparel
"The Zionist brand focuses on ushering in a new era in the vintage clothing retail market. Armed with rock and roll victorian grunge directional point of view; Zionist creates looks and styles revamping, recycling, deconstructing and redesigning clothing and accesories with the aim of creating an on trend cohesive range. The brand has adopted; as its core style, 'the leather jacket'. This time less items of clothing will consistently be the encore of all lines introduced to our spaces of retail. The Zionist leather jacket is a prime example of how the brand focuses on recycling clothing to feed the vintage market. The jackets are made out of reused retro 80s, 100% leather; which is deconstructed, redisigned, polished and accesorized to suit current trends. The Vintage Zionist Brand firmly believes in environmentally friendly and responsible fashion. Our main aim and focus is to design and produce a product that will not add to the need of animal skin. Roughly 50 million animals are slaughtered annually to feed the fashion industries' demands on leather products. By investing in a Vintage Zionist leather jacket you are helping the environment by being part of 'responsible fashion'...come and enjoy responsibly with Vintage Zionist."

If I'd read the Vintage Zionist flier without having seen their pieces I would've sworn they were just buffing up a greatly well written resume but because I've actually seen the work these people do I could say this resume is an understatement. Their stall at the Neighbourgoods market literally stood out like a very tall monument. I was drawn completely at first glance, and to add that they are eco-friendly dealers in fashion sealed off the deal nicely. I wish I had more time to actually check out their workshops so that when I give out these testimonies I know the full story...but so far I'm sold and you should be too!

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Photographed by Editor


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