L'ECKLECT® List: 2014 Hiplist

Greetings oh dear friends!

 It's that time of the year when all is jolly and everyone wants to close office to go see family, friends or just new places. Our year-end posts in the recent years have been without life and really boring to put it quite frankly. This year, certainly we added a lot of value to the grand exit.

This being our last post for 2014 we took a look at some interesting people and their style, also some good recommendable reads, places you can book your holiday for if you haven't already and finally some groovy relaxing jams.I know you gonn digg this!

Happy holidays everyone!
Stay safe
See you in 2015
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Style It-girl

Taffiny Kablay
Age: 18
Current Occupation: Vlogger (at Taffiny Kablay)
Twitter: @TaffinyKablay
Instagram: @taffinykablay
Photographed by Editor

Mboko Basiami
Current Occupation:Blogger (at Blvck Gxddess)
Instagram: @blvck_gxddess
Photographed by Editor

Tuduetso Ontumetse
Age: 22
Current Occupation: Blogger (at Esprit Libre)
Twitter: @TuduBabe
Photographed by Editor

Naledi Letsididi
Age: 22
Current Occupation: Model & Blogger (at A Glimpse Into Sta's World)
Twitter: @NalediLetsididi
Photographed by: Uyapo Ketogetswe

Bokani Teklesenbet
Age: 23
Current Occupation: Architecture Student 
Twitter: @Rummytekle
Instagram: Still under construction (lol!)
Photographed by Editor


The South African Salad.
by Tony Gum
Photograph sourced from blog

Moi & You
by Lulama Wolf
Photograph sourced from blog

Uyapo Port
by Uyapo Ketogetswe
Photograph sourced from blog

by Brilliant Kodie
Photograph sourced from blog

Free To Be Punk
by Kgosi Jay
Photograph sourced from blog


by Lana Del Rey
Key Track: West Coast
Image sourced from Last fm

Helplessness Blues
by Fleet Foxes
Key Track: Montezuma
Image sourced from Last fm

The King Is Dead
by The Decemberists
Key Track: Calamity Song
Image sourced from Last fm

by Arctic Monkeys
Key Track: I Wanna Be Yours
Image sourced from Last fm

Talking Dreams
by Echosmith
Key Track: Cool Kids
Image sourced from Last fm






Cape Town
South Africa

Victoria Falls


David and Goliath
by Malcolm Gladwell
Synopsis: A book that reminds you that, "It does not matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop." Teaches about the importance of persistence.

Madame Speaker Sir!
by Dr. Margaret Nasha
Synopsis: For a great lesson in politics, from the perspective of an insider who also thinks like an outsider.


Of Chameleons and Gods
by Jack Mapanje
Synopsis: A small blissful piece of African literature written relaxedly but still having a strong sense of African tradition and customs.

My love.😘😘

Lone Wolf
by Jodi Picoult
Synopsis: Jodi always knows how to lay the right emotions for all of her books, in this particular book she tells yet another great story about family dilemma filled with strong emotion.

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
by Vincent van Gogh
Synopsis: An autobiography in letters of one of the greatest artists of all times. This book is not only greatly written but every struggling creative will agree that van Gogh has one of the most relatable stories. It fills one with hope completely.


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