L'ECKLECT® Conversations: No light, no love.

 I know just about any young person I know looks at all these magazine spread girls and feel just so miserable. I mean besides the terrible Botswana Sun tan (actually here we get more of roasted that tan), there’s all of these other funny conditions, acne from time to time and sometimes skin that just looks like it has experienced more life than it should. As a visual creative I’m not allowed to say the things I’m about to say on this post, but I believe more in humanity than I do in the creative arts…not how it sounds though. Just, I would pick the latter over the former any day! I’m here to say all will be well, the way your fairy god mother would say it.
How the World Works
As a visual creative I am in no place to discredit the amount of work put into ad campaigns and photo-shoot and the end products, i.e. the perfect females that fill you with envy each time you pick up a magazine. It takes a lot of hard work. I could strip down the process but it would probably fill up my entire half of next year and I honestly cannot afford that! The point however is that when people are working so hard to make something perfect it actually ends up perfect.
The realities of life are that not one thing in the universe is perfect; you should take a close look at ladybugs or butterflies. With the magazine industry* we’re constantly under this illusion that everything is perfect. Personally as a photographer I never used to like all these image enhancing applications than can turn a size 2 model into a 0 in less than 2 seconds but as time went I had to come to terms with the fact that I’m fighting a losing battle. It’s me against all of them and if I’m pursuing something that I hope to be a life-long career I’d have to conform. This was me about 6 months ago, “I want to be able to create beautiful images that won’t be too farfetched from reality”. Something I’m going to have to bottle up and throw at sea. Firstly, because it doesn’t sell and because most of my clients would agree to  this statement…”I would rather have a beautiful image of myself that looks nothing like me than look original, isn’t that why we pay?”
I know people who wear make-up before 5a.m so that their partners wake up to think they’re perfect, and oh, a mother who once swore to me she’ll be carrying lipstick right into labor because her son has to take a first look at her and think that she’s perfect. Do we even listen to ourselves when we say these things? The extremes we go into to try and validate a false image of ourselves! Absolutely horrifying! I don’t want to seem like an overly judgmental human being, especially since I’m the devil creating this evil. What I seem like is a plastic surgeon that advocates for purism…it won’t make a lot of sense but I sure hope it does. I’m more on the preserve beauty than create a false image of it.
Moral of the story, image enhancing applications were brought into the planet to make us feel guilty about being imperfect and hence schedule a Botox session by the time you see the first line on your face. These things are not meant to be used unless it’s a million dollar ad campaign and there’s a chance you’ll walk away with about half of the lump sum. It’s not for self-esteem pumps or for wearing a wall of matte-confidence that doesn’t exist. It takes great courage to walk out and say, I look like this in person but on the internet I look better, oh way better! This will in turn put less pressure on other women; who are falling into hysteria each time they visit your Instagram page.

Photographed by Editor


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