L'ECKLECT® Culture: The New Brit Bird//RAYE

Fact Sheet

Name: Rachel Keen
Stage Name: RAYE
From: Croydon, England
Age: 17
Genre: Soft Psychedelic Indie
Key song: Hot Box & Need Me


I came across RAYE's music while doing research on how to better my images( which means looking at cool pictures of pretty people on the internet), and found a cool picture of a girl in a sweat-top. After realising that this image wasn't only perfect but also the girl on it was worth a lot of money. My goodness, those curls and those neat piercings and that strong face. Quickly took a google image search and in less than a minute found her sound cloud. She is 17, I would not disagree if anyone said to me that life begins at 17. It does...really! Sounding soft like snow flakes falling on an oak porch her music is ideal for absolutely anything, travel, studying, jogging...anything! It's both calm and energetic at the same time. And plus she's a doll!


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