L'ECKLECT® Culture: Designs by Rosisang Lu (Exclusive Interview)

It is always refreshing to see young people doing things that just leave you speechless in awe. For instance I know this young woman, barely in her 20s who treats design like it's all she's ever known. I recall when I first started instastalking her I was even tempted to like her every post. And it's great that Botswana and sub-saharan Africa as a whole is really warming up to a more diverse, more open-minded creative industry. And for this we have people like Rorisang Lu to thank.
I know everyone has that person that they think, "Does everything you touch turn into magic?". I know for me it happens quiet rarely and when it does it touches extremes. First getting to know Ms Rorisang, I always insisted to myself that she's way out of my league. I mean she's only in design school and her work could really match up to the best designers. From the designs themselves,to the finishing. Need I also state again that she's only in design school. I mean could we imagine what's in store for us whence she's completed her studies. So ladies and gentlemen I give you Rorisang Lu.

Full name: Rorisang Ludo Ndlovu

Age: 19

Line of work, where you started your career, inspiration, future aspirations? I am currently a student in the 2nd year so i am still trying to learn as much i can, but i would love to do menswear in the future and have my own brand. 

Where are you currently based? I am currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Are there noticeable differences between there and here at home when it comes to what you do?There are so many things that are so different, straight from the students, teachers and the actual manner of working. First of all we are a small group of students each from a different country which also gives a interesting dynamic and also a lot of languages. And we learn in a very European way and we learn each sector of collection creation : from the designs straight to the making of the garments. where as of course at home they don't offer such services in this manner.

What was your latest collection inspired by? Black dominance. I feel like now there's  high racial tension and I just wanted to reflect my idea of Black women dominating. How they would dress, how they would present themselves. And also try to evolve the usual African print to something new yet similiar.

Where would you estimate tangible market to be? (And why?) I feel Brasil has something that i could personally and professionaly work with. The country its self is still developing which gives me an advantage to try introduce something they don't have where as in Europe it's highly developed and its a hard market to get into as its already saturated with old and new designers.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-7 years? I could go many directions, but probably work for a big brand, and/or start my own!

Any advice you'd offer younger people who'd like to be getting into what you do? Do it if you love it and the rest becomes simple.

Any links we can follow to access your work? 
Tumblr: http://rorisang-lu.tumblr.com 

Facebook: Rorisang Lu https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rorisang-Lu/140847742709486?ref=hl

Rorisang Ludo Ndlovu


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