L'ECKLECT® Play: Selfie Tutorials//Fooling around in a cat suit

I know to a lot of people I really do seem like a self-concieted grandma who's way too stuck-up and way too up-tight. I did a little thing on Instagram called #20thingsabout me and I had a lot of people mail me to just say hi and tell me how they've always thought I was a snob. To set the record straight, I'm all else but a snob. I'm probably the most relaxed human being you'll. I just have weird opinions and tastes...which I'm never imposing on other people. Anyway, nothing too serious. You like my cat suit? I want to install a tail on it and convince some nice photographer to shoot me in it for le summer! 

Hope all you beautiful human beings have been great!


Photographed by Editor


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