L'ECKLECT® Notes: Takes Two

I never invited you to dinner
Because I saw past my fantasies
That at one moment I’d spill some coffee over your shirt
And while you took it off to let me dry it
I’d make constelations from the freckles on your back
That you’d notice me stare
And you’d stare back awkwardly
We’d try to break away from the embarassing silence
And we’d find ourselves only in one much sharper than before
And while we wait for the shirt to dry
My mouth would fall dry
At the thought that you’d try to kiss me
Not knowing how to react I’d fall back
You’d decide your shirt should be dry by now
I’d watch you turn and slip into the piece of soft cotton
As you start toward the door I’d try to say a thing or two
My lips remain bound and my body fixated to the kitchen stool
I’d remain in the same position until morning
I never invited you to dinner
Because I didn’t want to be awkward


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