L'ECKLECT® Notes: Why it would be really hard for anyone to love me

1. I’m mad and often times it makes me sad.
2.When most people are wide awake, I’m deep in slumber and dreaming and once they fall into their slumber I’m wide awake and electric with energy.
3.I can never love people back, it always feels like charity and charity degrades people. Both from the giver and the taker’s point.
4. In me exists too many other people and they’re regularly at rage with one another.
5. I like to wear red and it attracts bad spirits.
6. I’m a bad inconsistent woman.
7. I’m terrified of being like everyone I dislike.
8. I’ll always prefer the smell of old books and Twinkies to the consistent company of other people.
9. I’m dyslexic to signs, I’ll always be clumsy in reading between the lines and taking hints.
10.My handwritting is terrible, I’d be even harder to read in person.
11. I fail to stay in the same place for a long time.
12. I find that human beings should be more in love with their solitude than with each other.
13. My clumsiness will bring the both of us down.
14. I present myself in color while in fact I exist in the faintest shades of grey.
15. I’m unstable, mentally and physically.
16. I hate Christmas, it probably won’t work best for my relationship with your family.
17. I like being alone too much.
18. I was meant to be a lesbian but females wear me out, you deserve more than last resort option.
19. People make me swallow my pride and I always accidentally swallow myself along with it.
20. My DNA is off a flash of lightning, I was never meant to last long.
21. Sometimes my sadness overwhelms me and I always prefer to be suicidal when no one else is around.
22. I hate repetition.
23. I don’t like people’s emotions to depend on me when I can barely depend on myself.
24. I see things people don’t see, it’ll freak you out.
25. I will always feel like just taking off to wherever, wouldn’t like to burden you and I.
26. I get nervous at the sound of other people’s heart beats, it makes me feel like the universe’s about to swallow me.
27. I’m an artist still waiting for her muse.
28. I’m still too busy writting thank you notes to the trees.
29. I’m a stranger, I’ll never fit in.
30. I believe in astrology and my astrological map is behind by atleast a millenium.
31. I’m too predictable to cause any real attraction.
32. My love is water soluble and I take a lot of showers.
33. I’m too sensitive and I find weddings especially terrifying.
34. I’ve found all the right lanes but it pains me to drive on them in the right direction.
35. I belong in a different age.
36. I’m suffocated by the idea of belonging to a person.
37. There’s too much of “I” in everything.
38. You’ll always find me when I’m done looking.
39. My imagination will always ruin things.
40. I’m like a cancer, my melancholy will always spread to those around me.
41. My life story was never a love story.
42. My hands are still trembling at the thought that I have 42 reasons why this cannot work out.

Originally posted on my Tumblr


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