L'ECKLECT® It's The Weekend Baby!: TGIF, I guess...

It'd hapened accidentally
I'd one day worked out a spectacle
I'd coincidentally stumbled upon control of a whirlwind
I'd spoken to it so swift and so eloquently
It'd attracted a good crowd,
As per any spectacle would
I'd been fascinated by the attention
I'd been heavily distracted from my direction
I'd completely lost the plot but still I...
I'd carried on still I, pushed on still I,
Pushed on too hard, pushed on too quick
The amount of ecstacy pushing inside me suffocating
The both little lungs comletely inflated in it
There I came to discover myself at catastrophe point
There, at the coastal area of my own dangerous plaything
Crowds stalking, awaiting point in my spirit breaking
Laughter, at the corners of the mouths lingering
Once elegant and sassy a thing,
My little tool of crowd pulling and amusement
I fell into it
I conquered myself completely
Off a thing found accidentally found,
Never took time to understand it's functioning
Got thrown inside it and can't figure a way out
Did that actually happen?
In my mind sometimes I hear hallowing sounds
I imagine it's because of some gaps
Probably from the things I deleted from there
And there, space for phathom of things that never existed
But isn't that what we call living
Isn't it living when you drive yourself mad,
Fitting in trying to stay alive
Isn't it living when you love according to instruction
Is it not living when nobody stands for what they believe in
Just follow the pattern
Just stay inside the lines
Just behave a little because we'll get out in the end
I may be mad,
It is well suited.

Illustrations de Mia.


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