L'ECKLECT® Travel: When Discovering Europe - La Point Du Raz, Bretagne

L'intention etait de faire cette poste en francais mais non, c'est trop excitant! So my host mum took us for a Saturday afternoon drive to, 1. Landerneau, even though we were just passing through it was beautiful. and 2. La Point du Raz, glad I didn't take any readings on these places because they just come as a surprise...which makes it so amazing. Honestly I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything. It's like I've moved to a totally different world. The city people are nice, the scenery in the surrounding towns, just breath-taking and as for my host family! I might just trade my real family for them...gosh! I've posted some more images to the photography tumblr, do drop by to see. 



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