L'ECKLECT® Conversation: Binie the Beanie(r)

So...did you totally miss me. In the English version I mean. I literally walk through the streets of Brest with a tag, "Also Available In English" And yup I am reporting live from my strangely beautiful little room (which is also just above sea, literally). France is amazing...just a simple life and people who are so cultured and polite...I want to stay. I was told it is summer/spring this side only to find some 10 degrees Celsius. It cannot be serious, I refuse to believe it. It is winter, at least according to me and so I do my beanies everyday of the week. Such a hot trend, the french are so over it though but I'll seem insanely cool right...the girl who beanies it p even in summer. Well my other name is Binie afterall...I'm sort of intitled to these things. Oh and that last pic with the green. That's in Paris. \(^^,)/



    (I hope you're enjoying Europe)

  2. Oh, my sweet darling. This place is heaven though! :') So yes, I'm enjoying myself for the both of us even. You Cannot Sit With Us!


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