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Yea. So I might not have a state of the art walk-in closet attached to a rugby-pitch sized bathroom or smothered to perfection shoe rag but I have a room that has a soul the size of this world. It is a miniature library, my own tiny Buddhist chapel, my little secret garden of plastic flowers, my graffiti studio, where all the magic happens, where I have all my meditations, fashion shows, study for exams and you can name the rest then put them all in a nice order with a nice pink schedule to match. This room has seen me in love and pacing between the bed and the study table in anticipation for  a next date or the next text message or phone call. It's also seen me through tears, after failing every examination feeling almost suicidal and torn between going off for a walk at 2am and risking being mugged all over again or going outside my house for a cigarette and risk being caught with a nicotine stick between my fingers. (The reaction on dad's face though). It's dreadful just the imagination of dad's reaction alone. This room is absolutely the best thing to happen to a young woman still in self-discovery. 

And so it's out there this is my secret hide-out...if ever I go off the radar. Cellphone off, no twitter, no facebook, no tumblr, no emails. I'm probably tranquilized off in my room shuffling the many issues of magazines and countless novels just looking for space. Only wanting to be alone. I do require that a lot lately. Turning 20 made me realize how little I tolerate human interactions. & especially if they're actual physical interactions. I become numb in thought, my tongue also in knots and suddenly its as if my knees are put inside a Popsicle deep refrigerator. So. I refuse to interact again. Please. Do not make me. So guys. My little secret garden.


  1. I haven't read this post just want to say that your room looks lovely and that Jodi broke my heart with that book! Tore it right out of my chest (must write a review.) OK. I'm reading now.

  2. OK. This post is brilliant! You're lucky to have had this sort of sanctuary, in all my 21 years having my own space in which to do loner things has been my only need and want. I reckon the lack thereof may have hindered my development in that "I belong deeply to myself" but it's taught me a lot of (insert expletive.) maybe it'll come too late. Maybe it'll come just when I need it most. Who knows.

    I want to read Pretty Vacant and The Perks AND


  3. I've trying to get my hands on the Perks for the longest time, I usually prefer nice reads be in print but the way that book has been sooo scarce in Botswana it calls for a soft copy. I'll even get a print-look-alike version so it feels almost as real. And thank you my awesome twin.


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