L'ECKLECT® Conversation: Summertime Sadness

So, school's out and summer's long been here but forget the frock dresses and the boat shoes that match that brand new leather bag you just imported from Russia because there's this cycle you're trying to avoid right? When you dress-up you'd have to go out and when you go out in a small town like mine you go to places where you're likely to be with people...and people, well people get... Let's just say some people are at better peace in their own company. It is quiet refreshing to round the house in your board short, tank top and messy hair, just to catch up on new albums from Cold War Kids and Neon Indian and Local Natives. (actually that's an understatement) It's hell-a-awesome! Living a secret life of doodling art that reminds you of your youth, rearranging the books you've read recently in alphabetical order, making wishlists of things you know you'll probably never even have because Santa isn't coming this year now that you're 20 but insist on doing it anyway. Nobody knows, when you lose something you likely gain another. I lose Santa and get access to mom's credit card. :) (Only just saying). Telling your journal all the new words you've learnt in the last few months and other perspectives of life you can explore during the summer now that you no longer have that biased reverend Gender Politics lecturer to influence your every decision. I agree to anything that says, "I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE THIS SUMMER" ...and Here's to going your own way without outside influence from that angry barman who keeps complaining about change and that lady who looks like grandma who keeps judging you about smoking cigarettes and continually borrows your weird looking neon lighter. Here's to refusing to go out but staying up all night and conversing with a computer screen in Arabic and sometimes in French. Here's to gardening mum's plants and then taking photographs of them thereafter. Here's to reading novels that make you cry and when people catch you in the act you explain to them how that is a part of your yoga routine. Here's to memorizing Of Monsters & Men lyrics so much that even in your sleep you'd effortlessly nail them then nail them again backwards. Here's to becoming a best friend to The Style Network and The Food Network and History Channel and NatGeoWild. Here's to writing and erasing, to blogging and creating a lifestyle of our fears and excitements and sorrows and achievements...




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