L'ECKLECT® It's The Weekend Baby!: Don't Believe Anything I Say Or Do. I'm Not Real. I'm Theater.

When normal people were obsessed with ballet and other pretty things that are supposed to be enjoyed in childhood I simply rebelled to stay hoping that one day I'd be tall and strong enough to play Rugby, I was just soo fired up about flying air machines for the army and being good enough a hypnotist to brainwash people especially the ones that bullied other kids at my school. I got so carried away with dreaming that I forgot what it is to be a child and now, a lot of years later I'd like a time machine which I promise not to whine back too far. I want to be inspired by crayons and cry for cupcakes. It would be nice to make real friends at the playground that could meet the countless imaginary ones I kept instead. I want to learn ballet so much so that I can remain truthful to music comprehension, I would like to listen to all of it flow though my central nervous system up to my brain. Unfortunately I cannot go back to being 5, unless I find a really good hypnotist who'll take me back in the hopes that he'll also have a good line for bringing me back to life because if not I'm likely to spend the remaining bits of my life dressing like Dee-dee. Not good!





Mama is my hero
Long neck and shoulders that never
learnt how to hunch.
She wears assurance in the manner I think
about black veils:
proud and mourful.
I adore sadness.
People say we look alike.
I imagine them discussing how I 
don’t smile as warm or
stand as tall.
How I will never sit at the throne.
See, I have daddy’s feet.
I have been teaching them to dance.


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