L'ECKLECT® Dearly Beloved: Nikon D5100

So apparently I'm going to have a superb summer, curious as to why I discovered that I just put somethings so exceptionally wonderful into my cart of goodies along with creepers and maybe, just maybe a pair of bluc Docs. Imagine how awesome those would be for the outdoors. Gosh, I want to go camping already, fishing...just need to find a river first. Libraries, roof-tops of 8storey buildings. Can  Tuesday and her other Tuesday get here already so I preserve my youth to exhibit someday what a wonderful world I used to live in.
Why It's Sooo Pretty!
1. Neatly Dressed
2. Interchangeable Lens
3. 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor
4.  Full HD 1080p video mode
5. Active D-Lighting
6. 3.0-inch (76 mm) articulated 921,000-dot LCD
And...it's just a beauty!


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