L'ECKLECT® Style: Beauty And Her Brief-case

Just like Cinderella I stay home with evil little sisters and that Prince charming will fall in love with my personality but probably will never find me because my full-time job as nanny doesn't let me to wander off and look at yummy looking boys termed 'Prince Charmings'. And like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, I feel boss all the time because pretty soon I will have that big break and I will never have to worry about anything. Okay maybe that's a lie a bit, we all know how overrated happy endings are. I will probably just end up with  500 followers on twitter and not liking half of them or their tweets I'll be forced to smile through a super painful life. Reality check being on the spotlight isn't all that, I'd rather just be a not so know town girl. #truestory. :)

Photography By: China Kinnear


  1. Dude you are boss! You're wearing my newest shoes, got them on Monday [on red tag nogal!]I was out in the world in them today, super comfy. Smaak the briefcase to death.

    PS: as a weird twitter follower I shall stop complementing your hair.
    Love from Jo'burg

  2. The red tag deal was supposed to be a secret! (shhhh..) Twins separated at birth (X_x) Hahaha, Noms you're funny!


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