L'ECKLECT® Model2Watch: Sta Letsididi (Exclusve Interview)

Among the influx of flamboyant countless gay friends what you will find also among my friends 

is women with incredibly good looks. Sta highlighted by a strong jaw-line and a glowing belle set 

of eyes this local model has also crazy aura that will tear any runway crowd wild and in front of 


camera yes she loves it and it always seems to throw love right back at her. 

Pretty Reader-reader Meet Sta!

1. Who is Sta and 

what does she do?

-Sta is a college student, freelance model with a slight love for fashion.

2. What influences your style?

- Mostly my mood but music too.

3. What do you think of the fashion industry in your town?

- It could be better but I do notice a slow progression so I'm somewhat impressed.

4. How would you describe your style?

-Reckless seems appropriate :)

5. With your last bit of money, say about P650 ($100) would you buy; a.) a fancy cocktail dress

b.) a good read 

c.) A Dvd and some pizza for a night in with the girls

-Its difficult to decide, I would probably find a way to make that little cash accommodate them 


6. Which Haute Couture pieces do you constantly find appealing to your eye.

-Anything edgy or well defined, it could be by your Ralph Lauren, DSQUARED2...

7.) What is the one piece you must have at all times?

- Ironically I'm not attached to anything at the moment.

8.) Where do you do your shopping for clothes?

-Everywhere & anywhere really but mostly in stores.

9.) What achievements would you like the world to know about?

-Nothing worth mentioning yet. Just keep a look out for me that's all :)

10.) What advice would you give young(er) people who are interested in the fashion industry?

-Don't imitate rather observe and add a bit of you into that style thus inventing your own.


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