L'ECKLECT® Style: TGIF (Last Friday Night)

Unfortunately because this is not Vegas and we don't live off 6figure pay checks our Friday nights don't exactly revolve around buying strippers for sultry menage-a-trois and snacks on skinny dipping in the dark. I will tell you how we do it big in Gaborone though, it's photography exhibitions and the pricey restaurants for pastas named after people with names we cannot pronounce. :) The night just wouldn't end nicely without a bottle of Merlot to erase all the stressors from work.

Uyapo Ketogetswe ( LifeStyle Blogger, http://www.hausofkings.blogspot.com)

Kgosi Jay Sethoko (Mannequin/Fashion Blogger, http://www.freetobepunk.blogspot.com)

Boitumelo Mpedi (Designer/Fashion Blogger, http://www.afriquefashionglobe.blogspot.com)

LiiqeRiish (Stylists/Dreamers, http://www.liiqeriish.blogspot.com)

Boitumelo & Kgosi

Free Spirits (One Of The Exhibitors at AF, charming portfolio)

Uyapo, Randy & Lorraine

And well Lorraine's night just wouldn't be complete without these drugs (nicotine &caffeine) :) Smile and wave!!

Randy & Boitumelo

The Food At Primi Piatti is the best!...unfortunately someone had happened to them before the camera took a shot.



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