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L'ECKLECT® Travel: When Discovering America - Fuerte Bulnes, Magallanes, Chile

Located in theStrait of Magellan, 62 km south ofPunta Arenas, Fuerte Bulnes is a Chilean port which  was founded in 1843 on a rocky hill at Punta Santa Ana, under the command of PresidentManuel Bulnes Prieto. The fort was built to further the president's colonization policies in Southern Chile and protect the Strait of Magellan. He directed construction to ward off claims by other nations.Chiloé'sintendant (governor),Domingo Espiñeira Riesco, ordered construction of aschoonerto sail to that location. He originally commissioned it in the president's name, but Bulnes had the ship renamedGoleta Ancud, for where it was built.
I was so lucky to have had placement in a family that are greatly in love with the outdoors and one of the good weekends of our adventures I was blessed with this marvel. I went on this tour with my host dad ( as tour ), and to my surprise he knew every little corner of the place like he stays rehearsing it in his mind. I was impressed by that skill that …

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